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October 2012 - March 2013
Conway & Young


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Mostly I believe an artist (designer) doesn’t create something, but is there to sort through, to show, to point out what already exists, to put it in to form and sometimes reformulate it…
Annette Messager (cited in Johnstone, 2008, p.12, The Everyday, Documents of Contemporary Art)

As the third curators-in-residence, we are exploring the term, curator, based on its original Latin meaning to “take care”.  Over the six months we will investigate the subject of care in relation to design and education.

Our approach to research prioritises openness, flexibility and accessibility.

We use a range of methods relating to design, collaboration and pedagogy, including empirical and phenomenological based methodologies that reflect our interest in everyday relationships and tacit knowledge as well as a desire to describe rather than explain.

We use the material world as a medium to generate encounters, frameworks, platforms and dialogue.

This involves experiments in designing spaces for learning that challenge established hierarchical structures of knowledge transfer through co-learning and by creating situations that put our own subjectivity at risk and encourages others to do the same.

Our particular approach to design acknowledges design’s potential to recognise what already exists by making visible relationships and systems including the lapsed or taken for granted.  Rather than always designing new things, our design is more interested in making the unthinkable thinkable, problematising and providing a catalyst for action.

With thanks to:  Alice Osborne Lead Designer at My Home Life, Tom James writer in residence, Tom Common writer in residence, Bianca Elzenbaumer at Brave New Alps, Mark Byrne from The Helen Hamlyn Centre.