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July 2012 - December 2012
Mike Chavez-Dawson
(MIRIAD candidate)

Reading List
Research Questions

My art practice is interdisciplinary and research led, framed by an exploration into revealing the ‘myth’ of the artist’s vision against the audience reading.  I intend to expand and challenge an audiences experience whilst offering alternative bridges/means to interpret; this is usually through multi-part works that sit between ‘performance’ and ‘curation’.  However it is the continual habit of cross-referencing seemingly opposing disciplines, narrative structures and interpretative motifs that invigorate my critical concerns/subtext to my work/projects as this paves the way to widen cultural gaps and make transparent ideological conditioning for a non-didactic ‘creative frequency.

Collaboration, facilitation and non-sectarianism are at the heart of my endeavors.  On a formal level I currently find myself investigating ‘the borders between performance and documentation from a contemporary visual art perspective’ whilst not being limited by it.

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